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Regulatory Law

At Saunders, we are experts in regulatory law.  As a specialist litigation firm, led by partners renowned for their excellence in this field, we are familiar with all manner of regulatory challenges.  Whether you are a professional facing disciplinary proceedings from your regulator, or you are a business person dealing with a trading standards investigation, we are here to support you throughout the process.

Below we offer an insight into some of the regulatory areas we have expertise in. However, we would recommend speaking to one of our team who can guide you through the full details of the services and representation we offer.  It is important that regulatory investigations are dealt with correctly from the outset, and our team is here to provide that support.

Professional regulatory bodies

For any professional, being investigated by their professional body is a deeply stressful experience.  Having worked hard to build a business and reputation, it can be very distressing to be under professional investigation.

We have extensive experience in engaging with professional regulators from the outset of an investigation, honing in on the key issues at hand with a view to resolving the matter.  We also offer specialist defence representation in courts and tribunals.  We regularly appear before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and General Medical Council and have a strong understanding of misconduct and negligence cases.

Recently we were involved in the high profile exoneration of Jon Chapman before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in relation to the phone hacking scandal.  It was found that Mr Chapman was not involved in any wrongdoing.

Trading Standards prosecutions

Local authority trading standards teams deal with consumer complaints.  Consumers can complain to Trading Standards if they believe that the company has broken the law – for example by selling dangerous goods or goods that do not work correctly.  They deal with a wide range of complaints from the sale of counterfeit goods to the sale of age-restricted goods such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Facing a trading standards prosecution can be very difficult for a business, risking the company reputation.  It is important that any investigation is handled sensitively.  We are able to advise you on how to make sure you are fulfilling your regulatory responsibilities.  Ensuring compliance should be a priority for all businesses and we can assist you in navigating the regulatory landscape.

We are also able to defend you against allegations of failures in trading standards.  Our litigation lawyers have experience in engaging with regulators in this area with a view to positively resolving the matter.

Electoral Commission

Electoral law is a particularly niche specialism and it is important that you have representatives who understand the nuances of this field.  We have an in-depth understanding of areas of election law ranging from standing for election, to campaigning, to financial regulation.  Complex issues such as fraud may arise in an Electoral Commission investigation and prosecution.  As specialist litigators, we have a deep understanding of the law in this field and can advise you as to how to defend yourself against such allegations.

An example of our current expertise in this area relates to the ongoing litigation between the Electoral Commission and Darren Grimes, who ran the BeLeave campaign in the Brexit referendum. Mr Grimes has been fined £20,000 for alleged breaches of electoral law. Saunders Law is currently acting for Mr Grimes in the appeal process. 

Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for investigating health and safety concerns and risks.  The HSE has several enforcement options available to them if they have concerns.  The HSE can provide advice to those in breach of health and safety law, issue a caution or, ultimately, the HSE can prosecute. Generally speaking, an investigation will begin with a visit from a health and safety inspector.  The inspector will speak to you about health and safety and will also speak to your employees.  If a decision is taken to prosecute, the courts can impose a fine or a prison sentence, in certain cases.

At Saunders, we have a robust understanding of health and safety law.  We are able to confidently advocate in your defence and have a strong background in engaging with the HSE.  If you have any concerns in this area, please speak to a member of our team today.

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner regulates immigration advisors.  The OISC has the power to bring disciplinary charges against immigration advisors, which may include removing you from the register of regulated immigration advisors. 

You may wish to appeal against a decision of the OISC.  If that is the case, you must appeal within 28 days of receiving notice of the OISC decision.  While you may be able to request additional time to appeal, it is advisable that you act promptly upon receipt of any correspondence from the OISC.

Our team of solicitors are familiar with OISC compliance and appeals and will be able to offer you the support you need to challenge a decision.  It is important that you carefully consider your options at an early stage to protect your professional reputation. 

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At Saunders, we are expert commercial litigation lawyers with expertise in defending regulatory prosecutions. The above outlines some keen regulatory areas we are familiar with and able to offer representation.  However, there are many areas of niche, regulatory law in which we can offer defence.  It is important that, if you are facing any type of regulatory sanction, that you reach out to

We offer a free initial consultation to establish if we can assist you and would be happy to guide you in the right direction.  If you need regulatory assistance, please speak to one of our experts today.

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