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Trading Standards Investigations & Prosecutions

Saunders is a specialist litigation firm - led by partners renowned for their excellence in this field. We have experience across the regulatory litigation landscape. Our work is bespoke – tailored to the needs of you and your business.

At Saunders, we understand the emotional turmoil and stress which come with a Trading Standards Investigation or Prosecution. If your business is facing action being taken against it, rest assured that we are highly experienced in the field and able to assist. We can help you navigate this complex process. Please get in touch today to talk about your case in the utmost confidence. Contact us on 020 3733 4479 or complete our online contact form.

What is involved in a Trading Standards Investigation & Prosecution?

Trading Standards are the relevant part of the local authority that deal with consumer protection and consumer complaints. Trading Standards is responsible for supervising compliance with a whole range of subject areas which protect consumers. This can include the sale of age-restricted products like alcohol or cigarettes. It can also include the law relating to product safety.

A member of the public could report your business to Trading Standards for a variety of reasons. For example, they may allege that they were sold unsafe or dangerous goods or that they were misled into buying a product.

Trading Standards may visit your business as a result of a complaint from a member of the public or from another source of intelligence. Trading Standards Officers have a wide range of powers. They have different powers under different Acts, depending on what law they are enforcing. They can enter your business premises and, if necessary, seize goods and documents. They can investigate your business to establish whether there are any relevant legal breaches. A decision may ultimately be taken to prosecute.

There are alternative, lesser sanctions available which do not involve prosecution. Formal enforcement action may not be necessary at all, especially where a business shows a willingness to comply and remedy any issues.

If formal action is taken, you may be issued with a caution or be required to comply with an enforcement order. In some circumstances, a notice can be issued requiring specific actions from your business.

If Trading Standards do decide to prosecute, this will involve a court process which could have a range of outcomes – from acquittal to a custodial sentence or fine. You may have a criminal record, could have assets confiscated and could be disqualified from being a director of a company. The sanctions available will depend on what is being prosecuted. It is therefore very important that you seek expert legal advice as soon as possible, to protect your interests.

How can Saunders help you?

Firstly, we can help you before any investigation or prosecution arises. It is crucial that you are up to date on the regulations which apply to your business and that you ensure you are compliant. We can help you review your business practices in terms of compliance. We can help you understand the law you should be complying with and make sure that you are meeting your legal obligations. We know that businesses want to meet their obligations and run successful compliant companies. We can advise you on how to do so.

If you are facing an investigation or prosecution, you should speak to our team as soon as possible. It is crucial that any investigation is handled with sensitivity and that you comply with the process. There can be an immediate impact on your business reputation, and you must make sure that you do all you can to minimise any negative impact.

We have extensive experience working with regulators and those involved in investigating and prosecuting these offences. We have a track record in being able to resolve these matters positively. It is possible to handle these investigations and prosecutions expertly and with sensitivity. As discussed above, there are a wide ranges of options available where a business is found to be in breach. If you have proper legal advice from the outset – assisting you in preparing statements and negotiations – it may be possible to resolve the matter. We have invaluable insight into these processes and will bring our very best expertise to the table.

In the event that a prosecution is taking place, we have unparalleled advocacy skills and can represent you in court. We are expert litigators with a strong understanding of litigation strategy. We will defend you to the best of our ability, working alongside you during this difficult time.

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At Saunders, we are expert dispute resolution lawyers with expertise across the regulatory landscape. We are a team of seasoned litigators, recognised for our advocacy skills and in-depth knowledge. We offer our advice in clear, simple language and ensure that it is designed specifically to meet your needs. We aim to ensure that the best result possible is achieved for you. We know that, as a business person, you want to be able to conduct your day to day business without the shadow of investigation or prosecution hanging over you. We will work tirelessly to promote and protect your interests.

If you need assistance, speak to one of our experts today by calling us on 020 3733 4479 or making an enquiry online. Our team is on hand to advise and assist.

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