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Murder Defence Lawyers, London

The offence of murder, which involves a person of sound mind and discretion unlawfully killing another with the intention to kill or cause grievous bodily harm, is the most serious of crimes in England and Wales, with serious penalties for those found guilty, resulting in life-changing consequences for the accused and their families.

Our specialist criminal defence solicitors are fully aware of the stress such a charge may cause you or your loved ones. We provide a highly personal service to our clients and will ensure you are informed fully every step of the way, doing everything we can to construct a robust defence strategy to give you the best possible outcome. Our solicitors have close links with high calibre barristers, and will instruct only the best for your case. At Saunders Law, we have an enviable track record of helping clients facing the most complex and serious of allegations obtain a favourable outcome. Our solicitors are there when you need us, to fight your corner every step of the way.

For a murder offence, the Jury must decide whether “beyond all reasonable doubt” a murder was committed by the accused. Once convicted, the accused will be sentenced to mandatory life imprisonment, and the judge will then set a minimum period that the accused must serve in prison before they can be released.

When sentencing offences causing death, the judge will pay consideration to:

  • any relevant sentencing guidelines
  • the sentence the law will allow
  • how responsible the offender was for the death
  • the serious harm cause, including the impact on the family of the victim or others
  • previous convictions, or previous good character of the offender


A charge of murder may be lessened to a charge of manslaughter where it can be found that the accused had no intention to kill but where death occurred as a result of gross negligence or an illegal act (involuntary manslaughter), or where there is a suitable defence (voluntary manslaughter). Manslaughter defences to a charge of murder are usually self-defence, loss of control and diminished responsibility. The maximum sentence for manslaughter is imprisonment for life.


Self-defence in murder cases will be considered as an acceptable defence if it is reasonable in the circumstances. Whether the degree of force used was reasonable in the circumstances is measured by determining if the defendant believed them to be reasonable. This means where a defendant is wrong in his estimation of the circumstances he can still rely on self-defence to reduce his charge to manslaughter if his misjudgement was genuine and reasonable.

Joint Enterprise Doctrine

If you were part of a group involved in a murder or in a plan to cause serious injury, you may be accused, even where you did not cause or inflict the injury yourself. This is known the ‘joint enterprise’ doctrine. Speak to our solicitors straight away if have found yourself in such a situation, with our expertise and experience in handling serious crime, we will leave no stone unturned to ensure you have the best defence available to you.

Expert Criminal Defence London

Our expert defence strategists have the skill and knowledge to defend our clients expertly and take pride in their commitment to client service. We understand that being accused of a serious crime can be overwhelming, which is why our team will always ensure you are always made fully aware of how your case is progressing, the best course of action and the full range of options available to you.

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At Saunders Law, we’re dedicated to protecting and enforcing our clients’ rights. We’re well-known for our high-profile criminal defence work and our tireless commitment to our clients’ cause.

Established in 1974, our crime department is widely recognised as a leader in its field, highly ranked by leading trade directories The Legal 500 and Chambers, as well as The Lawyer’s Hot 100. Operating from offices facing the High Court in central London, we’re also in an ideal location for criminal defence and appeal work. Regardless of the seriousness of the allegations against you, we are confident we can help. For expert legal advice and robust representation, contact our expert serious crime team today.

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