Saunders Law successfully prevents their client from being added to the Children’s Barred List and/or the Adults’ Barred List.

Our client (a schoolteacher) received a letter from the Disclosure and Barring Service stating that they were considering adding our client in the Children's Barred List and/or the Adults' Barred List following inappropriate internet search history being found on his laptop.

Saunders Law made representations as to why our client shouldn’t be included in the Children's Barred List and/or the Adults' Barred List. These representations included but are not limited to:

    • Our client had over thirty years of experience within the industry and has an exemplary record,
    • Our client’s search term did not necessarily relate to children nor was it his intention to search for children,
    • Our client was compliant throughout the internal investigation and was extremely apologetic and remorseful for the misunderstanding,
    • Those investigating our client accepted that our client’s apology was genuine and sincere,
    • Our client had never previously been given the opportunity to make representations,
    • There was no evidence that our client committed any crime nor was the matter ever investigated by the police.

Saunders Law representations were successful, and our client was not added to the Children's Barred List and/or the Adults' Barred List. The solicitor with conduct was Amber Richardson, supervised by Ali Parker.


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