Are my standards higher as a solicitor?

The SRA Principles comprise the fundamental tenets of ethical behaviour that Solicitors are expected to uphold.

The principles are:

You act:

  1. in a way that upholds the constitutional principle of the rule of law, and the proper administration of justice.
  2. in a way that upholds public trust and confidence in the solicitors' profession and in legal services provided by authorised persons.
  3. with independence.
  4. with honesty.
  5. with integrity.
  6. in a way that encourages equality, diversity and inclusion.
  7. in the best interests of each client.

It is imperative that Solicitors hold them self to a higher standard and ensure that they always act in a way that upholds the SRA’s principles. Some examples of Solicitors being sanctioned for failing to uphold these principles are:

  1. The respondent, a newly qualified solicitor, admitted fare evasion in her journeys to the office and once the outstanding fares were calculated by the rail company, she self-reported the matter to the SRA after a settlement had been made. The tribunal found that the solicitor had acted dishonestly and continued to commit misconduct over a period of time, ceasing only when caught by the inspector. As a result, the solicitor was struck off and ordered to pay costs of just over £3,000.
  2. A male solicitor who repeatedly touched a female co-worker inappropriately and told racist jokes was fined £30,000 and ordered to pay the SRA’s costs of £21,000.
  3. A former London managing partner of Baker Mackenzie was fined £55,000 for professional misconduct relating to his attempts to hug and kiss a junior fee earner in 2012. He was also ordered to pay £48,000 in costs.
  4. A solicitor convicted of sexual assault following a drunken encounter on a night out was fined £17,500 but was allowed to continue in practice.
  5. A recently qualified criminal solicitor who worked on a clinical negligence claim outside her own practice area agreed to pay a fine of £12,500.

Saunders Law are dedicated to representing solicitors and law firms who are facing investigation by the SRA or need representation at a SDT hearing.

We invite any solicitor being investigated by the SRA or needing representation at a SDT hearing to contact our Regulatory team.


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