Do your contracts protect your business?

At Saunders Law, we offer a contract review and advice service for businesses.

The Service

Many businesses have standard terms and conditions or prepare contracts for specific deals or relationships – to prepare for and provide protection for various eventualities.

For a fixed price, we can:-

    • Review your existing terms and conditions and / or specific contracts;
    • Prepare an easy-to-understand report:-
      • detailing what your current terms mean; and
      • identifying whether there is scope for improving protection in relation to specific clauses (either for the specific contract if it can be amended, or for future reference);
    • Focus on areas of concern that you raise with us.

The benefits to your business

A well-drafted contract can provide protection for your business against risks such as non-payment, adverse early termination, lack of supply and associated financial losses.

As specialist litigators, we regularly scrutinise contracts in order to determine the different interpretations of specific clauses. We play devil’s advocate and know the types of clauses that the courts consider to be effective and ineffective. We use our experience gained from cases that go to court (both as claimant and defendant), to effectively run an MOT on your contract(s).

General terms and conditions should reflect business practices in effect at any given time. Even where lawyers were originally involved in the preparation of terms and conditions or specific contracts, those terms may no longer be as effective as they could be, for reasons such as:-

    • Changes in the law or the way in which the court applies the law;
    • Ways of working can periodically change and technology may advance;
    • The business may have new assets that need protecting (e.g. intellectual property);
    • The business may be growing or downsizing its operations.

It is practically impossible to try to envisage every single potential outcome to a specific deal, supply or relationship, and as the business encounters different situations, it is prudent to keep standard terms and conditions under continuous review so as to incorporate new provisions to protect the business from something that has negatively impacted it previously where not protected by its terms. We can consider any such circumstances that have arisen since the preparation of your contract(s), if you raise them with us.

Contact us

Our website contains further information on our Contract Review Service.

If you feel that your business would benefit from our legal analysis of your contract(s) and clear reporting, please get in touch with us at: [email protected] or on 020 7632 4300.


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