February 2012 – Saunders Law secures Court of Appeal victory for Champagne Charli

Saunders Law has secured a reduction in sentence for John Clugston, better known to the media and police as "Champagne Charlie" at the Court of Appeal.

Visiting offices and posing as a business man with left over champagne from parties, he would offer Bollinger or Dom Perignon for between lb12-15 a bottle. He was said to take the cash and was never seen again, making an alleged profit of some lb20,000.

Mr Clugston was featured on the television programme London Tonight, following which he was arrested on a bus in Clapham, after being recognised by a Scotland Yard detective.

Mr Clugston pleaded guilty to six counts of fraud by false representation and was sentenced to five years imprisonment at Southwark Crown Court. He further requested 25 similar offences were taken into account.

Following successful submissions by Solicitor Advocate Ravi Dogra, Mr Clugston's sentence was reduced from five years imprisonment to four.

Ravi Dogra said: "The Court of Appeal recognised that notwithstanding the profit made by Mr Clugston, the effect of the frauds was to embarrass rather than cause serious financial loss. His success depended on his charm and the greed of his victims seeking champagne from the leading producers at cheap prices. Mr Clugston's long standing confidence in Saunders Law Ltd was plainly justified."

Saunders Law Limited is a central London law firm with 37 years' litigation experience, particularly known for its work in criminal defence, motoring, fraud and litigation. The firm is renowned for taking cases on appeal to the Court of Appeal, House of Lords, and European Court of Justice, or by way of Judicial Review to the High Court. Karen Sturman and Callum Haddow drive the traditional crime department, representing defendants in high-profile and complex trials and appeals. From securing the first ever insider dealing FSA defeat in R v Rimmington, to appearing in the first ever English non-jury trial since Oliver Cromwell (R v Twomey), the firm provides a service without compromise and a fearless commitment to clients.



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