Hillsborough: The Real Truth Legacy Project

Liverpool West Derby MP Ian Byrne, a Hillsborough survivor, has announced that a digital tool kit has been made available to every school in Liverpool to teach children about the 1989 disaster.

Ninety-seven Liverpool fans died, and many more were injured as a result of the crush at the FA Cup Semi-Final in Sheffield. It was followed by a 3 decade long cover up that sought to blame Liverpool supporters for the disaster. Ian Byrne has previously spoken movingly in Parliament about his own experiences, recalling being left “questioning my own eyes” after lies about what happened were cynically circulated by the police and other establishment figures to avoid the spotlight of blame.

The Real Truth Legacy Project started in September 2021 to ensure that an accurate account of the events on 15 April 1989 is taught across all age groups with the aim of eradicating the false narrative propagated by the media and state agencies in the days and weeks afterwards.

The assembly took 18 months to create, working with families, survivors, and educators, and the MP is now calling for it to be part of the national curriculum. He said the assembly resource pack, which launched in July 2023, “was the first step”. He hopes that Hillsborough and “the aftermath of the disaster, the way it was reported at the time, the cover-up and the subsequent legal battle” is not forgotten.

However, despite the positive feedback from students and teachers, Schools Minister Nick Gibb has rejected calls for the event to be made a compulsory part of the national curriculum commenting to the BBC that “schools do have the flexibility to teach things beyond the national curriculum…what we don't do generally is prescribe detailed teaching materials”. He added that “this material will be available for schools to use in citizenship lessons if they wish to…Schools up and down the country will understand what an important event (Hillsborough) was, and what a tragic event this was.”

Further information can be found here  'The Real Truth' Legacy Project — Ian Byrne - MP for Liverpool West Derby


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