How do I dispute information on my Enhanced DBS check?

An Enhanced DBS check is suitable for people working with children or adults in certain circumstances such as those in receipt of healthcare or personal care. An Enhanced DBS check is also suitable for a small number of other roles such as taxi licence applications or people working in the Gambling Commission.

An Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (EDBS) check can include criminal outcomes such as convictions, cautions, warnings and reprimands (all of which are, usually, disclosed automatically, as per the legislation, after old & minor records have been filtered and removed).  An Enhanced Certificate can go further than that and include ‘any information‘ that the Chief Officer feel is reasonable and proportionate to disclose to an employer.

If you need an EDBS the Chief Officer will need to make a decision what to disclose. It is not a mandatory right but generally if the police are thinking about disclosing “any information” on your EDBS, they will write to you and provide you with the opportunity to make representations as to why it shouldn’t be included.

If representations have been made and denied, or if you were never given an opportunity to make representations and you would like to dispute information that has been included on your EDBS check, we can make representations on your behalf to the Independent Monitor of the Disclosure and Barring Service.  Here

The Independent Monitor plays an important role in making sure that the police information disclosed from criminal records checks is appropriate and proportionate. Note that the representations need to be made within three months of the DBS certificate being issued.

If you would like to make representations to the Independent Monitor about information that has been disclosed on your DBS certificate, please get in contact by calling 0207 632 4300 to speak to one of the members of our team:

Ali Parker, Tom Airey and Amber Richardson.


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