Immigration Detention

Immigration detention centres: an affront to justice

News emerged on Friday that nine G4S employees have been suspended from their positions at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre after covert footage revealed them "mocking, abusing and assaulting" detainees.

It is only right that these employees be investigated and dealt with appropriately, and their victims receive the redress afforded to them by the law. However the fact that this shocking behaviour could take place in an immigration detention setting will sadly come as no surprise to many. Human rights groups have long argued that immigration detention is an affront to justice.

Many detainees are extremely vulnerable, having been thrown into a labyrinthine legal system which they do not understand. Many are asylum seekers and have been through traumatic experiences which they have tried to flea. Many have mental health problems, and self-harm and suicide attempts are alarmingly common.

The Home Office insists that detention is necessary in order to remove 'illegal immigrants' and 'foreign criminals' in order to appear tough on immigration. However the system is inhumane and undignified, locking away vulnerable people who have often done no wrong. Even after being released, the experience of being detained can often leave individuals with lasting psychiatric damage.

The civil liberties solicitors at Saunders Law have expertise in recovering compensation for people who have been unlawfully detained by the Home Office at immigration detention centres. If you, a relative or friend have been wrongfully detained in an immigration detention or removal centre we may be able to assist you.


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