Is it too late to have a say in the Covid-19 public Inquiry?

In line with the publication of the Covid-19 Inquiry draft Terms of Reference (“TOR”), a public consultation process on the TOR is currently underway. The consultation has been open for four weeks and the deadline for submitting your opinions on the draft TOR ends this week Thursday, 7 April.

Public contribution

The Covid-19 pandemic has been wide-reaching in its impacts. All of us have been affected in some form. The opening up of a public consultation goes some way to acknowledging the scale and impacts of the pandemic, as well as the role the public has in setting the scope of its agenda.

Public interest groups, Unions, charities and other organisations have already submitted proposed TORs, with an understanding that key issues such as race, vulnerable communities, workers and bereaved families to name a few must be included as matters to be investigated.

You can read more about what is included in the Inquiry’s draft Terms of Reference here.

Saunders Law in particular is proud to be working with the Federation of Ethnic Minority Healthcare Organisations (“FEMHO”) who have submitted their own contributions to the TOR as well as playing an active role in advocating for the inclusion of race and the disproportionate impacts of Covid-19 on ethnic minority healthcare workers as an issue.

How to contribute to the TOR

As we slowly witness yet another surge in Covid-19 infections, it is imperative that the Inquiry is constituted quickly, and is fully equipped with the tools to prevent the same mistakes being repeated. The public will play an important role in this - by putting forward their own experiences and concerns and thereby shaping the agenda of the Inquiry.

There is still time to contribute to the online consultation, and you can submit answers via their online portal here.


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