Saunders Law has successfully applied to have a police caution removed.

Our client had been issued a police caution for being in possession of a Class A controlled substance in 2013. Our client was seen on CCTV in a nightclub toilet in possession of a controlled substance. On leaving the toilets, she was approached by security who escorted her out of the night club and called the police.

Nine years later, our client instructed us to make an application to have the caution removed. After reviewing the documentation received from both the police and ACRO, Saunders Law made an application for record deletion under the ground that it was no longer in the public interest to retain the caution on her record.

Under the ground of public interest we made the following arguments:

    • Our client was very young at the time of the incident and was struggling with her mental health,
    • She was extremely remorseful and upset during the police interview,
    • Her actions were as a result of being intoxicated,
    • She was not informed of the implications of accepting a police caution,
    • Since being issued with a caution she has missed out on several opportunities as a result,
    • The caution is preventing her from progressing her career in the US which is imperative for her line of work.
    • Years after being issued with a caution she was diagnosed with ADHD which impacted her ability at the time to understand both her actions at the nightclub and at the police station.

Saunders Law made the application in February 2023 and received the successful outcome in March 2023. The solicitor with conduct was Amber Richardson, supervised by Ali Parker.





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