September 2011 – Saunders Law represents Jon Chapman at ‘Hacking Select Committee’

Saunders Law Limited is advising Jon Chapman, former Director of Legal Affairs at News International regarding his evidence at the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee and the Leveson Inquiry.

On Tuesday 6 September 2011, James Saunders led our legal team to the Select Committee, where Jon Chapman gave evidence, alongside Daniel Cloke, former Director of HR at News International. Simultaneously we were also at the first hearing at the High Court of the inquiry into phone hacking issues being conducted by Lord Justice Leveson

Jon Chapman was for eight years News International's corporate lawyer, dealing with employment law as part of his role; he gave evidence to the Select Committee on certain employment issues relating to Clive Goodman, the News of the World's former royal reporter who was convicted on voicemail interception charges.

James Saunders said:

"Clearly, News International has been damaged by phone hacking and other allegations of wrongdoing. In addition to the Select Committee and Leveson, the News of the World has closed, there are two major police inquiries and at present a total of 15 people on police bail.

On any view, Jon Chapman was uninvolved in wrongdoing. We will be ensuring that he does not suffer any collateral reputational damage. We have an extensive regulatory practice, but the broader importance of these cases for relations between the press, public, police and politicians gives it an unusual significance. We envisage that our client's and the public's interests will be indivisible."

Located opposite the High Court in the heart of legal London, Saunders Law Limited is a powerhouse in regulatory, civil and criminal litigation. From securing the first ever insider dealing FSA defeat in R v Rimmington, to appearing in the first ever English non-jury trial since Oliver Cromwell (R v Twomey), the firm provides a service without compromise and a fearless commitment to clients.


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