The importance of Women’s History Month

Women’s rights have been fought for many years and in recent circumstances an ongoing process. It has been an ongoing battle for women to defend rights to their bodies, education, marriage rights or even in a workplace until the  Equality Act 2010 was introduced to promote equality of fair treatment and equal opportunities to all despite what gender you are.

Let’s celebrate by reflecting back on our ladies from history, firstly a militant champion of women suffragettes, Emmeline Pankhurst, whose 40-year old campaign that led to success in giving the rights for women to vote by facilitating the bill for Representation of Peoples Act 1928, a further act which was enfranchising women over 30 years old who met minimum property qualifications to be enrolled to the electoral register and was officially gave women to vote. Although, this was not open to all women and only a milestone, from this present day, three females from 1979 – 2022 achieved the highest votes as representatives to lead the country which has shown just how much women contributed to society and therefore deserve to vote.

Shirley Ann Jackson, an American scientist, and one of the first black women that received a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as being a chairman of the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the late 1990s. Her inventions conducted a breakthrough as it enabled others to create devices we use till this very day, such as caller ID, touch tone telephones, fiber optic cables and many other electronics that individuals and companies heavily rely on.

The significance of women’s history month is to celebrate the tribute of all women in March, such as Shirley and Emmeline who have shaped out world. Gender equality not only benefits business, it increases creativity, retain employees and create a more inclusive and equitable workplace, where everyone has an opportunity to thrive for success.

Here at Saunders Law, we are proud to be a female dominated firm with such inspiring and intelligent individuals. We not only honour our incredible female employees but our sisters, mothers, friends whom we live and work with every day as we contribute to a better society.


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