The Infected Blood Inquiry’s final report to be published on 20 May 2024

The Infected Blood Inquiry’s Chair, Sir Brian Langstaff, has announced that the Inquiry’s final report will be published on 20 May 2024.

It had been hoped that the report would be published in March 2024, however, the Chair has stated that, while he is “acutely aware of the need for the Report to be available as soon as possible”, when he “reviewed the plans for publication, [he] nonetheless had to accept that a limited amount of further time is needed to publish a Report of this gravity and do justice to what has happened.”

The Inquiry has stated that the report, once published, “will set out and explain the many failings at systemic, collective and individual levels over more than six decades”.

The publication day

The publication will take place at Westminster Central Hall.

The day will begin with an opportunity for Inquiry Core Participants to view the report online before the publication, covered by a Restriction Order.

Following this, there will be remarks from the Chair, when the report is published, and reflections to close the day – all of which will be streamed live on the Inquiry’s YouTube.

The publication is much awaited and is likely to be a momentous day for all those impacted by the infected blood scandal.

The Inquiry’s recommendations on compensation

Importantly, the Chair has made clear, that while the Inquiry’s full final report remains outstanding, his final recommendations on compensation were provided in the interim report published in April 2023.

The Chair has stated “my principal recommendation remains that a compensation scheme should be set up with urgency.  No-one should be in any doubt about the serious nature of the failings over more than six decades that have led to catastrophic loss of life and compounded suffering.”

The Chair’s full interim report on compensation can be viewed here.

Nevertheless, despite the Chair urging the UK Government to put in place a functioning compensation scheme as soon as possible, and the issue being the subject of further oral hearings in July 2023, the Government’s position continues to be that it intends to await the outcome of the Chair’s full final report before implementing any compensation scheme.

For further information regarding the Infected Blood Inquiry and the final report publication, you can refer to the Inquiry’s website here.

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