The UK Covid-19 Public Inquiry hearings begin

The UK Covid-19 Inquiry has now commenced its substantive public hearings for Module 1, in which the Inquiry will investigate and hear evidence relating to the UK’s planning and preparedness for a pandemic.

The timetable of witnesses giving evidence in Module 1 can be found here.

The Inquiry has confirmed that it will begin public hearings for Module 2, which will investigate decision-making across the UK during the pandemic, in October 2023. The Inquiry will then hold public hearings for Module 2A, on decision-making in Scotland, in January 2024, for Module 2B, on decision-making in Wales, in February 2024 and for Module 2C, on decision-making in Northern Ireland, in April 2024.

The Inquiry anticipates that the public hearings for Module 3, which will investigate the impact of the pandemic on healthcare and healthcare systems, will begin in Autumn 2024.

The Inquiry has also announced the following future modules – Module 4, which will investigate vaccines and therapeutics, Module 5, which will look at government pandemic procurement, and Module 6, which will hear evidence on the impact of the pandemic on the care sector.

In addition, the Inquiry has confirmed that future modules will cover issues including testing and tracing, education, children and young persons, Governmental intervention by way of financial support for business, jobs, and the self-employed, additional funding of public services and the voluntary/community sector, benefits, support for vulnerable people and inequalities in public services.

The Inquiry has confirmed that it is aiming to conclude its public hearings by summer 2026.

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