Victim of false imprisonment receives compensation from prison

Mr D was arrested on 23 December 2016 at his home having been charged with failing to surrender to bail. He had his first appearance at the Magistrates Court on 24 December 2016 where he was refused bail and remanded into custody.

On 29 December 2016, Mr D attended court for his sentencing hearing. He was not given a custodial sentence and was relieved to be told that he was free to go. However, after the hearing, officers told him that he was to be returned to the prison. He tried to explain what had happened at court, but was erroneously returned to the prison in which he had previously been detained. Mr D was unlawfully detained at the prison for a period of 6 days until he was released on 3 January 2017, following correspondence sent to the prison from Mr D's criminal solicitor.

Mr D pursued a claim for false imprisonment, negligence and for breach of the Human Rights Act 1998. Following pre-action correspondence in which the prison admitted they had mistakenly and unlawfully detained Mr D, Mr D's claim was settled and he received damages for what he had been through.

Mr D was represented by the Civil Liberties Team at Saunders Law.

If you suspect you may have been unlawfully detained, you may be able to bring a civil claim against the police and/or prison services.

Importantly, deadlines will apply to your case. The deadlines will depend on the facts of your individual case, and there are steps that should be taken before the claim is issued. We therefore suggest that if you suspect you have been falsely imprisoned, you seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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At Saunders Law, we offer expert legal assistance and representation in civil claims against the police and against other government authorities, including for false imprisonment, assault, malicious prosecution, misfeasance in public office and under the Human Rights Act. We can also assist you in making a complaint against the officers involved. We're well-known for actions against the police and other state authorities, and take a thorough and determined approach to cases, working hard to ensure that you obtain the appropriate level of damages for the wrong that you have suffered. All of our solicitors within the Civil Liberties and Actions against the Police Department have extensive experience in this area.

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