Week 4 – Speak up, you are not alone

Not speaking about stress can be stressful in itself.  Lawyers – like other professionals -  will experience high stress levels across the board, and it should not be seen as a failure to admit to these feelings. Challenges at work can cause elevated stress levels and impact your mental health. Feeling stressed is a very sensitive matter and there is nothing wrong with feeling this way; everyone experiences it in one way or another.

Don’t suffer in silence: reach out to colleagues or your manager for an informal conversation or ask for help if work is piling up. Your colleagues will appreciate the pressure you are under and the conditions you are under.   Stress is not a form of weakness, and it is not a burden to others. On the other hand, if you do not wish to open up to anyone in the workplace, talk to friends or family instead, hearing a different person’s perspective, outside of work, and knowing you’re not alone is sometimes what you need to hear.

We invite you to comment on how you approach colleagues, families or friends on conversations relating to stress?


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