Eileen McMahon

Eileen McMahon

Eileen McMahon

Eileen has built up 30 years of experience and exudes empathy, clarity, and fairness in getting to the heart of a matter.

Eileen has a passion for human rights. Having joined Saunders Law as a solicitor in November 2020. Eileen is assisting Nia Williams in obtaining compensation for over 200 claimants under the Hillsborough Misfeasance Scheme. Eileen exudes empathy, clarity, and fairness in getting to the heart of a matter.

Eileen has built up over 30 years of experience in complex personal injury matters including group actions such as the Gulf War Toxic case, Road Traffic Accidents (achieving awards over 1.25m), accidents at work, clinical and professional negligence, and childhood abuse compensation.

Eileen was admitted as a solicitor by The Law Society of England & Wales in January 1998 and by The Law Society of Ireland in May 2008. She obtained a master’s in business administration (MBA) in September 2002 (University of Westminster) and has passed diplomas in Innovation, Child Law and Technology.

Childhood Abuse

 Eileen represented over 450 survivors of childhood abuse resident in the UK (2003 to 2015) before the Residential Institutions Redress Board in Dublin. She was involved in a Judicial review which enabled survivors to pursue their cases out of time before the Board on the grounds of exceptional circumstances. She also took one case successfully from the High Court Dublin to the Supreme Court in Dublin in October 2017 (H v The Review Committee). It was the first televised judgment in Ireland. She represented several women who had been placed in Magdalene laundries as children in High Court actions in Dublin from 2015 to 2019. She advocated that these women should be allowed a voice.

Psychological Trauma

 She has spent many years obtaining compensation for clients who have suffered psychological and psychiatric damage, as a consequence of trauma. Eileen has studied coaching, neuro linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and other trauma treatments that assist her in her work with survivors of trauma.