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Surveyor/Construction Professional Negligence Solicitors, London

When you employ construction professionals and surveyors to carry out work for you, you rightly expect the job to be done to a certain standard. However, if the work falls considerably below this level, this can cause you a great deal of financial damage and stress.

In this situation, it is only fair that as the injured party you are compensated for any loss. As soon as you become aware of negligence on the part of a surveyor or construction professional, you should contact a professional negligence lawyer to discuss your circumstances and find out if you are entitled to bring a claim for compensation, and should do so before taking steps to actually cancel the contract.

If you believe you have a claim against a construction professional, the expert professional negligence solicitors at Saunders Law have the experience and legal knowledge necessary to ensure that the best possible result is achieved.

Time limits for Professional Negligence Claims

If you are considering bringing a claim against a construction professional or a surveyor, you must make sure you do so within the established time limit. In professional negligence matters, the general time limit is six years from the date that the negligent event occurred. However, you may not realise the work has been carried out negligently until much later. In this case, you have three years to bring a claim from the date you became aware of the negligent work, as long as that is within 15 years of the negligent event. This is known as the long stop date.

If you are unsure whether you have enough time remaining to bring a claim, get in contact with the professional negligence solicitors at Saunders Law today. We will get to work quickly to establish the relevant time limits that apply to your case, and to help ensure that you do not miss opportunity to bring a claim..

Surveyor/Construction Professional Negligence Claims

In any claim for professional negligence against a construction professional, it will be necessary to establish where the duty arises. In relation to surveyors, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors offers substantial guidance on the standard to which surveyors are expected to carry out their work. Whether your claim lies against an architect, a builder or some other professional involved in the construction process of a property, it will be important to undertake a detailed analysis of the contract and to refer to the standards set out by the relevant professional body.

A surveyor is expected to undertake their work with reasonable competence. Clients can face financial loss as a result of a surveyor failing to properly inspect a property and / or failing to undertake sufficient enquiries or failing to observe visible defects in the property. It can mean, firstly, that such issues might only become obvious at a later time and cost a lot of money that you had not foreseen to repair. Secondly, it may mean that when you come to sell the property later on, its value is severely reduced as a result of the issue. Other issues that can arise in respect of surveyors failing to adhere to their professional duties are:

  • failing to observe dry rot, woodworm, cracking and subsidence;
  • producing an inadequate or defective report; or
  • failing to warn of areas that require further investigation.

The dedicated professional negligence lawyers at Saunders Law will examine the relevant contract in relation to your compensation claim to establish exactly what the surveyor, builder or architect – or any other construction professional – was required or agreed to do. Where we believe the professional acted negligently, we will gather evidence to support a strong link between the professional’s actions and your loss.

Bringing a Claim Against a Surveyor/Construction Professional

Whether or not a professional negligence claim against a surveyor or construction professional will be successful depends on the duty that was owed by the surveyor or construction professional to its client. It will also be important to establish what the surveyor was actually instructed to do. For instance, the extent of the survey that the surveyor was expressly requested to carry out will be important. At Saunders Law, we regularly deal with large-scale construction disputes where the duties on surveyors and construction professionals are more complex and stringent.  

Complying with the necessary steps at the outset of your claim is just as important as establishing the claim itself. A specific pre-action protocol applies to construction and engineering disputes, including professional negligence claims against architects, engineers and quantity surveyors. The dedicated solicitors at Saunders Law are well equipped to guide you through every step of this process to ensure you are compliant. Broadly, we will do the following:

  • investigate, prepare and send a detailed letter of claim to the other side, which outlines your claim and the relevant facts, including obtaining expert advice, early on where necessary;
  • scrutinise the other side’s response – whether they offer a settlement amount or do not accept responsibility – and establish the most sensible way forward;
  • organise a meeting with the other side to run through the issues in play and the substance of your claim, with a view to settling your claim at an early stage to avoid the time and expense of going to court; and
  • if the meeting fails to result in a settlement, pursue court action.

Contact Surveyor/Construction Professional Negligence Solicitors London Today

When you have been let down by a professional, our empathetic solicitors understand this can be a stressful time, both emotionally and financially. We take a tenacious and strategic approach to professional negligence claims to give our clients the best possible chance of success.

Professional negligence claims against construction professionals can be complex, and that is why it is essential to work with a lawyer experienced in these cases. Our experienced solicitors combine their legal expertise with their ability to communicate simply and effectively. We will condense what can seem like a lot of information and intervening events into a straightforward issue, and we will offer you a straightforward solution.

At Saunders Law, we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and ensuring that they receive solutions that suit their individual needs. From our offices in the heart of London, we are ideally placed to offer a quick, efficient and expert legal service. If you are in the process of weighing up your options, then we offer a free, no-obligation, initial discussion to find out if and how we might be able to help you. Get in contact with us today.

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