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Assisting International Lawyers

London is a renowned centre for the resolution of international trade and business disputes. Its common law roots go back over centuries and it is the most popular and preferred choice of venue for the resolution of trade and business disputes in the international community.  

English Courts are accepted as free from corruption, and English law has probably been the most fertile ground for the development of commercial law internationally.  It is not therefore surprising that international commercial contracts mostly specify London as the venue for the resolution and arbitration of any disputes arising under international business and trade agreements. The long history of English as the language of international business, has perhaps inevitably made London the most attractive destination for the resolution of international trade and business disputes.

Saunders Law’s international dispute resolution team bring together an expert, multidisciplinary team, and acts in various international arbitral forums such as the ICC, LCIA, PCIA (sitting at the Hague), LMAA, GAFTA, FOSFA and LME, whose Arbitration Rules provide a comprehensive set of procedural rules on which parties may agree for the conduct of arbitral proceedings.

Large commercial cases in which we are instructed from abroad span from a geothermal energy dispute in Africa to the supply of wool from Mongolia, and the construction of an airport in the Middle East. We routinely work with foreign jurisdiction lawyers and experts in relevant fields of technology, science and business to seamlessly present a claim, or defence to a claim, as needed. We have also dealt with several disputes which were governed by foreign law and our systems are optimised for a world in which witness evidence can be presented from abroad via videoconferences. We have been fully operational throughout the C19 pandemic.

Saunders law also had a long history in international criminal litigation. Crime has become a worldwide problem, particularly when involving the spread of drugs and financial crime. Saunders Law is highly experienced in the various International Cooperation structures created by International Cooperation treaties and laws made under them.   We participate in these worldwide structures which collect and compel evidence for use in cases in both England and abroad. We are routinely engaged in dealing with European arrest warrants and are ready to work with what will replace them on the UK leaving the EU.  We represent clients in extradition proceedings, both to and from England. We will challenge arcane devices such as Interpol Red Notices.

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