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Serious Crime Solicitors

If you are accused of having committed a serious crime, you need the assistance of a highly experienced and skilled legal team.

Here at Saunders Law, we have decades of experience in assisting clients in high-profile, and serious criminal cases obtain justice, including in cases of murder, manslaughter, drug crimes, drug trafficking, international drug crimes and firearms crime.

We have an in-depth understanding of the law and can build a robust defence using our unique, strategic approach to serious crime, as well as use our exceptional advocacy skills to represent you in court.

At Saunders Law, we have an enviable track record of helping clients facing the most complex and serious of allegations obtain a favourable outcome. We are well-known for our expertise in handling complicated and multifaceted cases with great proficiency, working with industry experts where necessary to build a strong defence.

In heavy crime cases, our lawyers ensure the case against you is scrutinised in detail from the outset, leaving no stone unturned. We offer a highly personal service, analysing thoroughly each piece of evidence, and each allegation, made against our clients, before building a strong defence.

Our commitment to building a strong defence from the outset is what sets us apart from our competitors. We take every opportunity to build your defence from the very beginning, ensuring every possible avenue for your defence has been covered. After conducting an extensive analysis of your case, we then implement a carefully devised strategy using our highly developed advocacy skills to obtain justice and the most beneficial outcome for you.

We have defended our clients expertly in all courts across England & Wales, as well as further afield. In heavy crime cases, we have a proud history of obtaining a successful outcome for our clients and a reputation for handling high-profile cases with care and diligence.

Our serious crime experts are tenacious, exploring every aspect of your case for opportunities, and will defend your case with fearless commitment.

We are not only proud of our ability to defend our clients expertly but also of our commitment to client service. Being accused of a serious crime can be overwhelming, but our team will ensure you are always made fully aware of how your case is progressing and the best course of action. Our lawyers will always make adequate time for your case, so you can be sure of the highest quality advice and representation, as well as access to your legal team.

Our client base is broad, and we can assist high-profile individuals, professionals, company directors and members of the public in heavy crime cases. Handling high-profile and serious cases with tact and discretion is important to us – we will always act in your best interest.

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