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Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Saunders Law is an acknowledged leader in Criminal Appeals.

We recognise that miscarriages of justice can arise from inadequate & defective trial representation, failure to disclose evidence by the prosecution, mistakes by witnesses – particularly expert witnesses, misdirection or unfair summing up by the trial Judge or police misconduct.

An appeal from the Crown Court is to the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), but generally only if the Court of Appeal grants leave to appeal. The grounds of appeal have to precisely identify the legal complaints, and the witness are not usually called again.

Effectively, the burden of proof which was on the prosecution at trial transfers to an appellant.

Three Lord Justices, who are very experienced and do not suffer fools gladly, decide appeals.

The atmosphere is formal and intimidating and they can increase a prisoner’s time to serve if their time is wasted on what they see as a hopeless appeal.

They have the power to receive fresh evidence, but rarely admit evidence that could have been called at trial.

Every day, the team members review the latest appeal cases and legislation for lines of support for our cases, and there are high levels of understanding of forensic medical and psychiatric issues, and cutting-edge scientific questions affecting such as DNA, CCTV and gunshot residue.

We take issues of pure law to the Supreme Court, the successor to the House of Lords for determination at the ultimate level.

Over the last 40 years the Saunders team has conducted innumerable high-profile appeals including:

  • Tony Martin the Norfolk farmer whose murder conviction for shooting a burglar in his house was overturned.
  • Reg Dudley & Others where new scientific evidence proved that confessions to Flying squad officers must have been fabricated
  • Teresa Norris: The House of Lords gave protection to innocent wives from Confiscation Orders
  • Kevin Nunn: Supreme Court – Does a man convicted of murder have the right to access case exhibits for fresh scientific work?
  • Darren Grimes: alleged criminal offences under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

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