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Trading Standards Investigations & Prosecutions

Saunders Law is a specialist litigation firm - led by partners renowned for their excellence in this field. We have experience across the regulatory litigation landscape. Our work is bespoke – tailored to the needs of each business.

We understand the emotional turmoil and stress which comes with a Trading Standards Investigation or Prosecution. For businesses facing action under Trading Standards law, we are highly experienced in the field and can help them navigate this complex process.

Our Trading Standards and regulatory solicitors regularly liaise with Trading Standards bodies on businesses’ behalves, advise on Trading Standards investigation procedure, prep them for interviews (including interviews under caution) and inspections, assist with the management of reputational issues and provide robust defence services in the event of prosecution.

The penalties for a successful Trading Standards prosecution can be severe, ranging from cautions, to fines, to revocation of licence to operate the business. In extremely serious cases, a custodial sentence may even be imposed. Therefore, obtaining the advice of a specialist Trading Standards solicitor as early on as possible is essential to put the business in the strongest position possible and avoid the financial and reputational repercussions of Trading Standards action. We have a formidable reputation for successfully bringing investigations to a close long before prosecution becomes a consideration.

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Why Saunders Law is the smart choice for advice and representation for Trading Standards Investigations & Prosecutions

Industry leaders and independently recognised expertise

We are litigation specialists with a broad range of cross-discipline expertise in regulatory, disciplinary and high-profile criminal defence work. Each and every member of our team has spent their career carefully cultivating their legal skills and developing practical expertise in complex and contentious matters.

The crime arm of our firm is headed by senior solicitor and head of department, Alistair Parker, a leading criminal lawyer and independently recognised specialist for his notable successes, strategic insight and robust representation skills.

Our dispute resolution team is headed by Matthew Purcell, an experienced litigation solicitor and partner with particular experience advising professionals and businesses in regulatory disputes.

Bespoke service and excellent client satisfaction

We aim to provide the highest possible levels of client service. We personally invest ourselves in each case, providing tailored advice to suit individual clients’ requirements. Our clients can rely on receiving a call back the same day following an enquiry and will always have a direct line to one of our partners.

Transparent and flexible pricing

We are open and upfront about the costs involved in handling and defending a Trading Standards investigation or prosecution. We have a range of funding options available that we can tailor to suit the circumstances of individual businesses.

How our team can assist with Trading Standards investigations & prosecutions

Regulatory advice

We can help before any investigation or prosecution arises. It is crucial for businesses to stay up to date on the applicable regulations and ensure they are compliant. We help clients review their business practices in terms of compliance and make sure that they are meeting their legal obligations. We know that businesses want to meet their obligations, respect Trading Standards consumer rights and run successful, compliant companies. We have the skills companies need to succeed.

Defence strategy and representation during investigations

Businesses facing an investigation or prosecution should speak to our team as soon as possible. It is crucial that any investigation is handled with sensitivity and that all parties involved comply with the process. Trading Standards complaints and investigations can have an immediate impact on a business’ reputation, so it is essential to take all possible steps to minimise any negative impact.

We have extensive experience working with regulators and those involved in investigating and prosecuting these offences. We have a track record in being able to resolve these matters positively. It is possible to handle these investigations and prosecutions expertly and with sensitivity. There are a wide ranges of options available where a business is found to be in breach. Seeking proper legal advice from the outset – particularly in terms of preparing statements and negotiations – it may be possible to resolve the matter. We have invaluable insight into these processes and will bring our very best expertise to the table.

Court advocacy

In the event that a prosecution is taking place, we have unparalleled advocacy skills and can represent individuals and companies in court. We are expert litigators with a strong understanding of litigation strategy. We robustly defend our clients, working in partnership with each business to resolve these complex and commercially sensitive matters while minimising reputational and operational disruption.

What is involved in a Trading Standards Investigation & Prosecution?

Trading Standards is the relevant part of a local authority that enforces consumer protection law. Trading Standards is responsible for supervising compliance with a vast range of legislation and regulations which protects consumers. The law is broad in scope and impacts on almost every area of the relationship a business has with consumers.

A member of the public could make a Trading Standards complaint against a business for a variety of reasons. For example, they may allege that they were sold unsafe or dangerous goods or that they were misled into buying a product.

Trading Standards may visit a business as a result of a complaint from a member of the public or from another source of intelligence. Trading Standards Officers have a wide range of powers set out under extensive legiations. Depending on what law they enforce, they have the power to enter business premises and, if necessary, seize goods and documents. They can investigate a business to establish whether there are any relevant legal breaches. A decision may ultimately be taken to prosecute.

There are alternative, lesser sanctions available which do not involve prosecution. Formal enforcement action may not be necessary at all, especially where a business shows a willingness to comply and remedy any issues or engage in a period of consultation.

If formal action is taken, the business may be issued with a caution or be required to comply with an enforcement order. In some circumstances, a notice can be issued requiring specific actions from the business.

If Trading Standards does decide to prosecute, this will involve a court process which could have a range of outcomes – from acquittal to a custodial sentence or fine. The prosecuted business owner may have a criminal record, could have assets confiscated and could be disqualified from being a director of a company. The sanctions available will depend on what is being prosecuted. It is therefore very important to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible, to protect personal and business interests.

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At Saunders, we are expert dispute resolution lawyers with expertise across the regulatory landscape. We are a team of seasoned litigators, recognised for our advocacy skills and in-depth knowledge. We offer our advice in clear, simple language and ensure that it is designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients. We aim to achieve the best result possible, even in complex circumstances.

We know that business owners want to be able to conduct their day to day business without the shadow of investigation or prosecution hanging over them. We will work tirelessly to promote and protect the interests of businesses and business owners across London, the South of England and beyond.

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