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Music Lawyers

With there being countless methods of sharing original music, it’s more important than ever for musicians to ensure that their legal rights are firmly protected at all times.

Musicians are frequently faced with a wide range of potential challenges, ranging from simple copyright disputes and licensing agreements, through to selling the rights to specific pieces of music. So, getting the right agreements and contracts in place, and knowing precisely how to respond to certain issues, is of paramount importance.

At Saunders Law, our music lawyers act for both claimants and defendants in music related issues, supporting recording artists, management companies, record labels and anyone else with connections to the music industry.

Our clients rely on us to provide straightforward and practical advice in response to music law matters, in addition to our dynamic advocacy skills. No matter what type of issue we are tasked with addressing, or whether we are bringing or defending a claim, we can offer a comprehensive assessment of the situation and wider context. We will always be upfront and transparent about the likely costs involved.

Operating from offices in the Capital, our music lawyers in London are ideally located to represent clients across England and Wales in relation to music claims and disputes.

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Our music law experience

Substantial media and music law experience

Our partner-led team have substantial knowledge and experience in UK media and music law. Our advice always takes reputational issues into consideration and we are proud to hold an excellent track record for successfully protecting our clients’ interests.

Independently recognised expertise

Our team have been independently recognised for our market-leading expertise, with strong rankings in highly respected client guides the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners.

Commercially minded approach to match our clients’ priorities

No matter your circumstances or what issue you need our music lawyers to support you with, we will always carefully plan our strategy around your priorities. We have strong skills in negotiating out-of-court settlements and have exceptional expertise with court litigation. This means we can take the most appropriate course of action based on your requirements.

Exceptional personal service & client satisfaction

We pride ourselves on always providing an exceptional service. Our clients receive a call back on the same day following an enquiry and will always be able to speak to one of our partners when required. Our team consistently achieve excellent feedback from clients.

Examples of our successful handling of music law work

  • Representing a world renowned musician and composer in a complex breach of management contract claim
  • Negotiating an exit from a management contract on behalf of a high-profile conductor and music empresario
  • Protecting the intellectual property rights of a record label

How our music solicitors can help

Copyright and intellectual property disputes

Music copyright designates the legal ownership of a musical composition or recording. This ownership will typically include the exclusive rights to redistribute and reproduce the work, in addition to licencing rights that enable the copyright holder to earn royalties.

If someone has used music to which you hold the copyright, you may be in a position to file a claim for copyright infringement. Our team can assist you with this process, helping you to establish your legal position and enforce your legal rights.

On that same note, we can also act in your defence if you have been accused of musical copyright infringement.

Music disputes

Where a dispute arises which requires expert legal advice, our team can step in to provide tailored support and, where necessary, robust representation. Music disputes can potentially occur for a number of reasons, including where professional relationships collapse, a music label is not paying royalties at an agreed rate, or a party is not upholding their end of a previously agreed contract.

We have specialist expertise in negotiating out-of-court settlements, reducing time and expense. However, where court proceedings are required to reach a positive resolution, we can also be by your side, putting forward a robust legal defence.

Reputation management

Maintaining a solid reputation is key to success in the music industry. However, public reputations can be quickly damaged, especially when music disputes arise. Reputation management is crucial to prevent any long-term damage to your business or career.

Part of our service includes reputation management and advice, helping you to ensure that the years of hard work and dedication you have invested into your craft are not lost.

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