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Undercover Policing Inquiry

Saunders Law are instructed in the Undercover Policing Inquiry chaired by Sir John Mitting.  The Inquiry was launched in 2015 to investigate evidence of unlawful practices by undercover police officers. 

This followed reports in the media that undercover officers had deceived women into sexual relationships in order to spy on left-wing political activist groups, and the Ellison Review which found evidence that the family of Stephen Lawrence had been placed under surveillance by the police during their campaign for justice.

Saunders Law acts for two lawyers who were placed under surveillance by the police during the course of carrying out their work as lawyers.  This presents a serious and unprecedented threat to the administration of justice and to the rule of law.

Since 2015 the Inquiry has been dominated by how the inquiry should balance the privacy interests of officers and victims.  This has sadly been a frustrating process for victims who are looking for answers as to why they were placed under surveillance.  There has been a great deal of campaign work around this and the inquiry has been the subject of ongoing media attention.

The first evidence hearings, which will deal with events which took place in the 1960s and 1970s, are scheduled to begin in September 2020.

More information about the Inquiry is available here.

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