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Reputation Management

Reputation is one of an individual or business’s most valuable assets – and we will work tirelessly to protect it.

Whether in the public eye, commerce and industry, politics or simply a member of the public, we help clients take action when their reputations have been damaged by something written or spoken. Action doesn’t necessarily mean litigation; we can guide individuals and businesses through a wide range of options, all focused on protecting their reputation and enforcing their privacy rights.

Our media and reputation lawyers are commercial litigation experts with an unrivalled depth of knowledge in defending the reputations of celebrities, entrepreneurs and high-profile individuals and companies.

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Protecting reputations – quickly and decisively

If something has been written or spoken about an individual or business – such as newspaper articles, broadcast on television or negative comments on social media – it is essential to act quickly.

Due to the digital media revolution and the rapid rise of social platforms, there are more ways than ever before for a person or business’s reputation to suffer damage. Regardless of whether the damage was caused by someone’s spoken words or written communications, we help our clients restore their reputations and take action against those who have unfairly attacked their character or integrity.

Drawing on our expertise in commercial litigation, media law, public law and criminal litigation, we act against public authorities such as the police and prisons and private institutions, including media companies and broadcasters.

Our lawyers are experienced in handling claims involving libel, slander and defamation of
character – particularly where such claims are disputed. We understand that suffering unfair
and damaging statements about a person’s character or conduct can be extremely stressful and can put pressure on their business, finances and personal life. That is why we aim to mitigate the effect of such statements and ensure that our client is fully compensated for any financial loss as a result of defamation.

We are experienced in obtaining urgent and emergency injunctions to take-down content when needed, securing apologies and compensation where possible.

Our reputation management lawyers’ experience

Our experience in this area is wide-ranging and includes:

  • Anthony Crook v Chief Constable of Essex Police [2015] EWHC 988 (QB) – represented Mr Crook in his landmark victory in the High Court for breach of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, breach of the Data Protection Act and breach of confidence following publication of his personal details in newspapers as “most wanted” for an alleged rape, securing him damages of £70,000.
  • B v Channel 4 – represented an individual in successful injunctive proceedings to prevent the publication of personal information on the programme “24 hours in police custody”.
  • Advising a corporate intelligence firm in its defamation claim against an Israeli broadcasting company.
  • Representing a journalist to remove a defamatory Twitter tweet that was made against them.
  • Advising a national charity and pressure group on matters relating to privacy and the misuse of confidential information.
  • Advising individuals before the Leveson Inquiry and Parliamentary Committees
    in the wake of the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.
  • Assisting an international news broadcaster during two major criminal and
    regulatory investigations, both of which were discontinued following the representations we made on their behalf.
  • Obtaining an injunction for a well-known businessman and entrepreneur to
    prohibit the publication of defamatory blogs and securing their removal.
  • Advising a high-profile media personality in connection with allegations of
    criminal conduct and managing the media response.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is the ongoing strategy of monitoring and influencing public opinion about a person or a business to handle threats or minimise damage against their reputation. Reputation management can include strategies such as:

  • Taking steps to prevent the publication of damaging articles, blogs or other written publications in the media
  • Liaising with the media about the publication of information and securing removals or rectifications
  • Obtaining and enforcing injunctions to prevent private or defamatory information from being spoken or published or to secure the removal of written publications
  • Taking legal action for defamation, malicious falsehood, breach of privacy, breach of confidence and harassment
  • Public relations management
  • Securing public apologies

Why is reputation management important?

In a globalised world, individuals and businesses are hyper-connected. Thanks to the internet, social media and smart technology, few people manage to live their life completely off grid, nor do many want to. For businesses, celebrities and high-profile individuals, in particular, using social media and online media to build a personal brand is essential nowadays.

Fans and customers have never been closer to their favourite idols and brands. But, with greater connectivity, comes a greater risk that confidential information or misinformation is released into the public domain.

This can have serious consequences for both individuals and businesses. From a negative article in a newspaper to a review from a disgruntled customer on social media, reputation can take years to build, but can be damaged by just one comment.

It is vital to react quickly to a reputational threat to prevent it from causing irreparable damage and to reduce the risk of lengthy and expensive legal disputes arising. This is where the support and assistance of a reputation management specialist can be invaluable.

A reputation management lawyer specialises in a wide range of niche practice areas, from sports and media law to the law on commercial contracts. Our specialists are highly esteemed for their particular expertise handling matters of confidentiality, privacy and defamation for individual and business clients. Our team also has a considerable level of experience working in public relations, including managing press and media relations.

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