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Sexual Abuse Compensation Claims

If you are a survivor of abuse, we can help you to obtain justice either by ensuring that the perpetrators face criminal charges and/or by bringing civil and/or disciplinary proceedings where available.

We understand that speaking up when you have suffered abuse, particularly by those you may have trusted and who may be in a position of power, can be extremely difficult. Our solicitors are accustomed to dealing sensitively with these issues so that you can feel comfortable talking about what has happened and will be able to provide you with support and guidance throughout the process. We understand that it can take a long time to process the hurt caused and that it may often be many years before you feel strong enough to come forward to seek advice. We are experienced at bringing claims many years after the events have happened and arguing that claims should be allowed to be brought outside of the usual court limitations.

We have experience of challenging police and CPS decisions not to prosecute those suspected of rape, assault or other sexual misconduct. We can advise you through the Victims’ Right to Review (known as ‘VRR’) processes or, if necessary, in challenging these decisions in the Courts by way of Judicial Review.

You may need advice on pursuing a claim for compensation because the police failed to properly investigate a crime of this type that was committed against you. This would usually be under the Human Rights Act, but we can advise you on your options.

If you have been subject to sexual violence or other misconduct by those in positions of power, such as a police, prison officers, or medical professionals, we can guide you through the process of making a complaint in order that they may face disciplinary proceedings.

We can advise you on bringing a claim for damages against the perpetrator for the hurt that has been caused and for financial losses.

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