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Entertainment and Sport Disputes

At Saunders we are expert litigators. We are a specialist litigation firm, led by partners renowned for their excellence in this field.

We have experience across the full spectrum of sporting disputes – from dealing with commercial contract disputes to regulatory matters. We also have significant knowledge of media law and reputation management.

Below we offer some insight into our key areas of work. If you are a sportsperson, or their representative, please get in touch today to discuss how our disputes team can assist you and your clients. We treat all matters with the utmost confidentiality and are on hand to offer you the advice you need.

Our Expertise

Regulatory Disputes

For any professional, facing a regulatory dispute can be a challenging experience. For sportspeople, it is particularly important that the impact of any regulatory dispute is expertly handled. In the most extreme cases, sanctions can be put in place meaning that you are ‘banned’ from the sport. This can have a devastating impact personally and financially. It is therefore crucial that you put your best case forward in any regulatory dispute.

We are experts in preparing strong, thorough submissions in disciplinary cases, as well as providing advocacy and representation at courts and tribunals. We will also ensure that the process is fair and that your rights are respected throughout. If you are undergoing investigation by your professional body, we will assist you in understanding the process and help you every step of the way.

We also have extensive experience of arbitration. At Saunders we pride ourselves on our knowledge of alternative dispute resolution methods. Arbitration is common in sporting disputes, particularly where regulatory issues are at play. Arbitration involves the appointment of an arbitrator who will make a legally binding-decision based on the evidence provided. Again, our team at Saunders are very familiar with this process and can assist you throughout the arbitration procedure.

Contractual Disputes

Commercial contracts are at the heart of many sports law disputes. Commercial contracts govern the entire spectrum of sports law, including relationships between players and agents; the employee/employer relationship; and merchandising agreements, amongst many others.

At Saunders, we are expert civil litigators and have experience across a wide range of contractual disputes. If you are in a contractual relationship and the other party is in breach of the contractual terms, we can assist you in obtaining implementation of the terms in question or compensation for any loss suffered.

We can advise you on the best course of action available to you. In sporting situations, it can often be appropriate to take a contractual dispute through the courts. However, we are also well-versed in all manner of alternative dispute resolution options. We have a strong team familiar with running complex mediations and negotiations. We can assist you in negotiating a settlement and can liaise with the other parties involved on your behalf. We are flexible in our approach and seek to pursue every case in accordance with our client’s needs. We will help you assess your options in resolving a contractual dispute, providing you with plain language English advice which takes into consideration any likely costs of pursuing the matter.

We also have an experienced employment service which can help sportspeople understand their contracts of employment and any disputes which may arise. We can offer advice on dealing with harassment and bullying, as well as stress at work. For sports stars, it can be difficult to admit that their workplace is becoming a negative space. We will seek to help you resolve any dispute or contentious situation that arises, in a manner that is both efficient and discrete.

Media Law Disputes

Our team also understands the importance of maintaining your reputation as a sports personality. We have a strong background in a range of media law issues. We can provide specialist advice on areas of law such as defamation and breach of privacy.

For many sportspeople, it is vital that their private lives are not jeopardised by their professional persona. With the ever increasing use of social media, we are conscious that reputation management is growing ever more complex. Our team has significant experience in dealing with claims involving libel, slander and defamation. We are here to assist you tackle these issues and protect your private life. We can advise on whether you have a claim for damages and whether you should be seeking an injunction.

We have a wide array of options available in solving a media law dispute, including obtaining apologies and corrections from publications. We are also renowned for our robust and discrete approach when it comes to media law litigation. We represented individuals in the Leveson Inquiry and in Parliamentary Committees following the News of the World hacking scandal. We also have experience in obtaining injunctions to protect reputations and prohibit publication of defamatory material. Whatever the media law dispute, our partner led firm with over 40 years of experience are here to assist you.

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At Saunders, we are expert dispute resolution lawyers with expertise in all manner of sports law disputes. We are a team of seasoned litigators, recognised for our advocacy skills and in-depth knowledge. We will always offer a free initial consultation to establish if we can assist you. Our advice is clear, simple and designed specifically to meet your needs. We are discrete and familiar with dealing with high profile individuals and cases. You can rest assured that our team will tirelessly fight your corner, ensuring that the best result possible is achieved for you.

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