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Women's Rights Solicitors

Saunders Law has a long and well-regarded history of championing the rights of women, when these are infringed. 

As one of the most renowned and high-profile Human Rights firms in the country, we are well placed to advise where the rights of women and girls have not been properly respected and upheld, particularly in the context of the criminal justice system. Sadly, there are a number of areas in which you might need this kind of help.

We have experience of challenging police and CPS decisions not to prosecute those suspected of rape, assault or other sexual misconduct. We can advise you through the Victims’ Right to Review (known as ‘VRR’) processes or, if necessary, in challenging these decisions in the Courts by way of Judicial Review.

You may need advice on pursuing a claim for compensation because the police failed to properly investigate a crime of this type that was committed against you. This would usually be under the Human Rights Act, but we can advise you on your options.

If you have been subject to sexual violence or other misconduct by those in positions of power, such as a police or prison officer, we can guide you through the process of making a complaint or pursuing a civil claim. For example, if a police officer has taken advantage of their authority to pursue a sexual relationship, or if you are concerned that you have been searched inappropriately.

Unfortunately, issues like those that we describe above disproportionately affect women and we are passionate about upholding these rights and seeking justice when the state fails in this way.

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