Alan Waller’s Statement

I want to take this opportunity to thank the legal team from Saunders Law for their efforts to vindicate me from the activities of Martin Bashir and the BBC so many years ago.

In particular, the personal attention of James Saunders and the sterling efforts of Loretta Weber-Pang.

In 2021 the publication of the Dyson Report highlighted the activities undertaken by the BBC to obtain the infamous interview with Diana, Princess of Wales. These activities caused events to spiral out of control for all concerned, with dire consequences.

I extend my wishes to all who were harmed by Martin Bashir and the BBC's activities, as Lord Dyson highlighted. In addition, my wishes extend to Lord Spencer and his family, Prince Harry and Prince William, Patrick Jephson, and anyone Martin Bashir negatively impacted.

I trust that the BBC can learn from these events and move forward in a positive light to ensure journalistic integrity and that this never happens again.

Unfortunately, Martin Bashir obtained my bank statements and then had them forged to get a scoop. So, again, my gratitude goes to all those who helped the case and for finally revealing the truth. The bank statements were false.

Alan Waller

For more information on this case, please see: WALLER SETTLES DEFAMATION DAMAGES CLAIM AGAINST THE BBC.



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