Can you obtain a Judgment in Default under CPR 12?

This article provides an overview of the conditions that need to be satisfied when obtaining a judgment in default in the commercial litigation process.

What is a judgment in default?

A default judgment can be obtained by a claimant in proceedings when the defendant has failed to serve an acknowledgement of service or a defence within the time limit, following the service of the claim form on them. It is a provision under Part 12 of the Civil Procedure Rules (‘CPR’), and a step in the litigation process to encourage defendants to respond to a claim made against them in a timely manner, otherwise a judgment will be made against them without a trial taking place.

When can claimants obtain a judgment in default?

  • The claimant has served a claim form on the defendant.
  • The defendant has failed to serve a defence within 14 days after the service of the claim form; if an acknowledgment of service is served, failing to serve a defence 28 days after the service of the claim form.

Judgment in default is not obtainable in the following situations:

  • The defendant has satisfied the claim, has made an admission to pay, or requested time to pay.
  • The defendant has applied for a struck out of the claimant’s claim or a summary judgment.
  • The claim is for the delivery of goods under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.
  • The claim is a Part 8 Claim under the CPR 8.

How do claimants obtain a judgment in default?

You can obtain a judgment in default either by filing a request to the court by paper, or by making an application where there will be a hearing to take place. The defendant will be given the opportunity to make representations and explain why it had been late in filing its defence.

To make a request for a judgment in default for a specified sum, form N225 is used. For an unspecified sum, form N277 is used and will be referred to a Master for directions for assessment of the amount of the judgment.

When an application for a default judgment is made, rules under the CPR 23 need to be complied with. In the Commercial Court, form N244(CC) is used as the application notice.

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