Forfeiture of gold avoided by Saunders Law for established family jewellers.

Saunders Law have demonstrated once again why they are recognised as leading the field in resisting applications for the forfeiture of assets under draconian powers created by the Criminal Finance Act 2017 and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

At the Camberwell Magistrates Court on 15th January, HMRC were left with their tail between their legs after the Judge rejected their claim that he could be satisfied gold worth some  £300,000 and seized from our client was the proceeds of crime or intended for use in crime. District Judge Alexander Jacobs instead observed that HMRC were evasive under cross examination and contradicted by the evidence we called for our client and refused to forfeit the gold.

Through expert evidence and well developed argument on the relevant tax regulations, Saunders Law was able to demolish HMRC’s theory that the smelting of gold abroad had any connection with VAT fraud or other criminality.

Consequently, our client’s established family business, almost destroyed by the impact of the investigation and procedural process has now been saved and our client’s good character is fully maintained.

We welcome instructions from those facing account freezing orders or forfeiture of assets as we combat the impact on the innocent in these draconian laws.

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