Criminal Trials at Magistrates & Crown Court

Our elite, private crime team has defended cases brought at every court level in England and Wales and across the globe.

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Trials take place essentially within two different venues. The Magistrates’ Court deals with lower level summary offences and the Crown Court with the more serious types of offences.

In a Magistrates’ Court trial, the outcome is decided by either a bench of lay magistrates who are volunteers who sit as a bench usually of three, or a District Judge who is a lawyer by profession. Sentencing powers are limited either by level of fine or potential term of imprisonment. A solicitor or barrister can represent a person accused of an offence in this Court.

In a Crown Court trial, the outcome is decided by a Judge and jury. The Judge sits to assist the jury and decide upon questions of law, the jury of twelve people decide upon the facts and the ultimate guilt or innocence of the person accused of the offence. The sentencing powers of a Judge are only limited by what the law says is the maximum sentence that each type of case can attract. A solicitor advocate or a barrister can represent an accused person here.

The same rules of evidence apply in both Courts although there are a few slight differences in procedure. The wigs and gowns being the most apparent difference.

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